BAE SDT – Hawk Pilots Development Programme


BAE SDT were PPWD's start up customer and we continue to work with them.  In late 2018 we were asked to develop a number of training interventions for trainee Hawk aircrew in the Royal Saudi Air Force.  The key requirement was the design and delivery of an 8 week  package of courses that could be delivered to trainee aircrew. Flexibility of delivery was also important and training had to take into account Saudi procedures and cultural differences.


PPWD designed a modular programme that could be delivered on a 'pick and mix' basis.  The programme consisted of six modules each of five days duration and one module of ten days.  The five day modules covering Air Navigation, Metrology, Flight Safety, Aircraft Recognition, Modern Air Weapons and An Introduction to the Principles of Air Warfare.  The final module was a 2 week Junior Officer Development Course which focused on leadership and management within the air domain.   Although not a requirement PPWD decided that, where appropriate, modules should be broadly equivalent to similar RAF courses. Flexibility was built in by ensuring that all modules could be delivered as a stand alone course and therefore delivered in any order, in addition some modules could be expanded or shortened to meet the clients need. This flexibility ensured that the programme was supporting flying training and not interfering with it.  In turn this enabled BAE to offer the client a variety of training options depending on the time available and their training priorities.


The first modules were successfully delivered on time and within budget in 2019.  Feedback from the delegates, BAE Systems and the Royal Saudi Air Force has been universally positive.   The delegates have provided particularly strong praise for the delivery style of the PPWD facilitators and also the content of the training. The flexibility of the programme enabled BAE Systems to build the offer around the Hawk flying programme and the flexibility of PPWD has ensured that that flying training has not been impacted.  In addition some of the programme modules are now being offered by BAE to other areas within the Royal Saudi Air Force.

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