BAE Systems


BAE Systems Maritime - Submarines asked PPWD to design and provide a leadership, team building and team dynamic awareness week for a mixed group of graduates and individuals on their high potential development schemes. Specifically, PPWD were asked to deliver the training in a challenging environment mixed with adventurous activities. We were also asked to ensure that the learning could be linked to the workplace.


PPWD designed a bespoke programme that utilised austere accommodation in a Scout centre. The development of individuals was underpinned by the Strength Deployment Inventory (SDI) tool which enables individuals to better understand their strengths and weaknesses. The course combined classroom work with outdoor exercises, which included lessons on leadership and team dynamics as well as oral communications. The theoretical lessons were seamlessly linked through the outdoors scenario activities to address both individual concerns and the challenges faced by the delegates in their workplace. At the end of the programme individuals reflected on their learning and developed an action plan for their future development. This action plan was discussed and commented upon by their PPWD instructor who provided guidance and advice on how they could achieve their development aims.


The SDI tool improved delegates self awareness and the practical exercises each gave them the opportunity to lead their peers in scenario-based exercises. These exercises were designed to draw out different learning points on leadership, teamwork and improve self-awareness. PPWD staff facilitated debriefs and peer-peer learning which made the feedback more powerful and the learning sticky. Each delegate left the week with a development log and personal report. These recorded their learning for the week and linked it to their working environments, but more importantly provided them with a route to continued self improvement.

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