LockheedMartin – Consultancy for Qatari Air Force Training Contract


Lockheed Martin asked PPWD to support them in a bid for a significant defence equipment and training programme for the Qatari Air Force.  In particular PPWD were asked to understand the clients requirements for Initial Officer Training and develop a proposal in response to these.  The solution had to address not only the clients needs but dovetail into all other elements of the programme.


PPWD invested time building a relationship with the Head of Qatari Air Force Flying School. The trust built in the initial weeks enabled us to develop a deep understanding of the clients needs and priorities.  The requirement was complex and required not only leadership and management training but also English language training. PPWD worked across the complex programme and became a trusted advisor to the Lockheed team, often providing input to other issues that technically sat outside the PPWD remit. 


PPWDs contribution was essential in LM gaining a letter of intent from the Qatari government and at that stage having provided Lockheed Martin with a detail delivery plan and resource requirement we exited the programme.  Throughout the 9 months of working with Lockheed Martin we became a valued part of the team, our previous experiences of working in the Middle East region and cultural awareness enabled PPWD to be a key interoculator.

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