Southeastern – Non Technical Skills

Client Brief

During 2015, Southeastern had a requirement to deliver Non-Technical Skills (NTS) training to their Drivers, Driver Instructors (DI) and Driver Managers (DM). Witnessing the success that PPWD had had with Greater Anglia, they contacted us with a view to delivering a similar package of NTS training.

What We Did

Following a mini-Training Needs Analysis (TNA) to ascertain the common issues and resolution required; PPWD commenced delivery of a 2-Day NTS Awareness package to the full range of driver grades. During 2016, this was broadened to include Trainee Drivers during their initial training.


The NTS package included specific training for DIs and DMs, and a module on NTS for Assessors. The 4 stage Kirkpatrick Model was employed to monitor the feedback and success of the courses. Stage 1 – Reaction, has been extremely positive through both the end of course validation sheets and the anecdotal informal feedback. This is backed by Stage 2 and 3 – Learning and Behaviour to which development and changes are starting to take place. The Stage 4 – Results, look promising at this early stage in the implementation of the programme.

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