Addressing specific health & wellbeing challenges faced by women working in safety-critical industries, PPWD covers a range of topics aimed at promoting wellbeing and safety, for women and managers of women. 

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Women's Health in Safety-Critical Industries 

PPWD support women and managers of women, covering topics including:

  • Understanding gender-specific health and wellbeing risks, and healthy lifestyle management.

  • Ergonomics and injury prevention tailored to women.

  • Mental health and stress management strategies.

  • Reproductive health and pregnancy-related considerations.

  • Peri-menopause and Menopause-related considerations.

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Women's Health in Safety-Critical Industries

Our team of professionals have helped individuals in safety-critical improve their wellbeing and reduce harm in the workplace. 

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For example PPWD recently worked with a Train Operating Company to deliver a number of fully integrated Fair Culture change programmes. These programmes resulted in a 64% reduction in adverse events over a 5-year period.

The individual effects of these programmes included a reduction in staff turnover, disciplinaries and absenteeism.

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Case study

Lockheed Martin

Consultancy for Qatari Air Force Training Contract

Brief: PPWD were retained by Lockheed Martin to develop an initial officer training course for the Qatari Air Force, this was a subset of much larger equipment and training programme.

Solution: PPWD initially built trust with the myriad of stakeholders. We took time to understand the client needs and remained highly responsive to evolving or new requirements, ensuring that what ever we proposed had the complete by in from Lockheed Martin and the Qatari Air Force.

Result: PPWD successfully completed the work and exited the programme when Lockheed Martin secured a letter of intent.

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