PPWD and Leadership - A Natural Fit

We create Leadership and Management training programmes to support your existing leadership style. With us, your people gain the right tools to increase their leadership skills, so they can influence and motivate your staff – and improve performance.

Our highly skilled facilitators use their real-world leadership experience to identify your specific learning goals. Then they review them throughout the programme, and help you implement them at work. All our leadership training uses discussions, group work, case studies, and practical exercises.

Every business and every person is unique, so we work with you to ensure your programme is right for you. These case studies [insert link] show what we’ve achieved for some of our clients.

Why develop your leaders?

With business becoming increasingly competitive, the abilities of your leaders can give you a clear advantage over your competitors. Invest in your people to improve their leadership skills, and you also improve your chances of success.

Think about when you’ve worked for a good leader, or a poor one. Now think how their leadership affected your motivation, and your feelings for the company. Leadership skills are vital at every level of an organisation.

Organisations with the highest quality leaders were 13 times more likely to outperform their competition in financial performance, quality, employee engagement and customer satisfaction.

The DDI’s Global Leadership Forecast 2011

Our core leadership modules

Below is a selection of our training modules, these can be delivered either as a short stand-alone course or combined with other modules to form a longer programme, perhaps with ILM accreditation. Either way the training will be tailored to meet your specific need.

Emerging leaders & Managers Course


Department Leaders and Emerging Senior Managers Course


One-to-one Executive Coaching


The Leader as a Coach


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