Department Leaders and Emerging Senior Managers Course

This course provides the tools needed to lead and manage multiple teams, reflect on and develop a personal leadership style, and find the most effective way to align team goals with company strategy.


  • Know how to use a variety of leadership styles to improve team performance
  • Be able to manage and lead multiple teams
  • Understand how to support strategy development, and identify tasks from strategy

What you learn

  • The differences between management and leadership
  • How to use a variety of leadership styles depending on the situation
  • How to support strategy development, and how to break down strategic objectives into team tasks
  • How to be a credible leader, analyse your performance, and receive feedback
  • How to be open to different ideas and views
  • How to critically analyse and solve problems
  • The importance of understanding others, and how to tap into their strengths
  • How to set goals and performance standards
  • How to create a shared vision and get commitment from others
  • How to create capacity by empowering others and gaining commitment
  • How to prepare convincing arguments

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