Leading and managing people involves skills that need to be learned and practised. This ILM-endorsed course is designed to help first-time managers and supervisors better understand themselves, and provide the tools and techniques for leading small teams. With a little extra self-study, they can gain an ILM qualification.


  • Gain a good understanding of leadership and management skills
  • Know how to motivate and communicate with a team
  • Have the confidence to manage others
  • Understand people better through the Strength Deployment Inventory (SDI) psychometric tool

What you learn

  • Your preferred leadership style and how to adapt it
  • The role of the leader in improving team performance
  • How to get the team to pull together, build team spirit and share a common goal
  • How to plan, make decisions, and communicate them to your team
  • How to delegate and supervise tasks, and the difference between delegation and abdication
  • How to be a role model for the team, and give clear direction and guidance
  • The importance of emotional intelligence in dealing with others
  • How to handle difficult situations and people
  • The role of constructive criticism and praise in the development of team members

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