Communication Skills Master Class

Being a good communicator means getting your message across clearly. We’re here to help your people communicate their thoughts and ideas effectively – written or verbal – by understanding what they want to say, who their audience is, and how it will be perceived.

This course will help you:

  • Develop your communication style to increase rapport with others
  • Have a more effective relationship management strategy
  • Be more persuasive and assertive
  • Develop questioning techniques to achieve the best results

Topics covered

  • Exploring the skills necessary for communication excellence
  • Rating your own skills and developing an improvement plan
  • Creating a relationship management strategy
  • Identifying, and communicating with, different styles and approaches
  • Improving your body language
  • Improving your listening skills and overcoming any barriers
  • Learning the six levels of assertive communication
  • Managing challenging relationships under pressure
  • Questioning techniques to identify issues
  • Personal action planning

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