Managing Conflict Master Class

Nothing destroys productivity, derails projects, or damages reputations faster than conflict. And it’s never easy to resolve. But with the skills and confidence provided by this carefully planned training programme, you’ll be perfectly placed to deal with whatever the workplace throws at you.

This course will help you:

  • Identify the early stages of potential conflict
  • Have a better understanding of what causes difficult behaviour
  • Gain the confidence to stop a team member demoralising others
  • Develop the skills to adapt your management style to suit different personalities

Topics covered

  • Management strategy to get the best from people who:
    - never do what they promise
    disrupt the team’s performance
    are ambitious, but easily frustrated
    are aggressive with others
    are cynical and destroy team morale
    want promotion, but aren’t ready
    don’t accept feedback or respond to performance processes
  • What can trigger difficult behaviour
  • Different types of personalities, and strategies for dealing with individuals
  • Communication barriers and how to handle emotion
  • How to achieve effective results through continual performance management
  • Ulterior motives for conflict
  • Inspirational approaches to managing difficult people and situations

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