Presentation Master Class

This course shows how anyone can give a good presentation or speak in public to a professional standard. Our facilitators are highly experienced in all aspects of public speaking, and provide the skills and knowledge to create outstanding presentations.

This will help you:

  • Have the confidence to get the right message across – and make it memorable
  • Manage challenging people and situations during your presentation
  • Make your message stand out and get the audience to accept what you’re saying
  • Prepare and plan to overcome nerves

Topics covered

  • Planning your presentation – the need for accuracy
  • Structuring your presentation – keeping the attention of the audience
  • Timing your presentation
  • Audience analysis – looking at demographics
  • Non-verbal communication – its importance and the rules of harmony
  • Listening – the basic rules for effective listening
  • The motivated sequence presentation – motivational needs and appeals
  • Visual aids – using them effectively to enhance a presentation
  • Special situations – social and informal occasions, panels and seminars, business pitches and media interviews
  • Questions and interruptions – dealing successfully with the unexpected

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