Problem Solving and Critical Thinking

In business, you need people who can recognise problems and solve them quickly and effectively. This course helps people question, analyse, examine and challenge information, then apply the right strategies to ensure problems are solved successfully.

This course will help you understand:

  • Natural barriers to sound reasoning
  • Bias and assumptions in problem analysis
  • Thought processes and reasoning techniques
  • Analytical techniques for comparing alternative solutions
  • Structure, standards, and ethics of critical thinking
  • Problem analysis best practices
  • Competency of decision-making tools

Topics covered

  • Defining critical thinking, reasoning, and logic
  • Asking appropriate questions for critical thinking
  • Understanding the process of systemic problem-solving
  • Identifying and overcoming barriers to critical thinking
  • Evaluating the strategic thinking of others
  • Assessing the reasoning of others
  • Problem solving by starting with restatement of the issues
  • Problem solving from a number of different perspectives
  • Identifying decision-making factors
  • Creativity and the decision-making process
  • Structuring the analytical process with a matrix tool
  • Evaluating decision options using probabilities
  • Comparing options using Course of Action analysis
  • Selecting and developing a plan of action

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