Training Design Methodology

We use a proven template to design your training to your exact needs. It’s also really flexible, so we can use as much or as little as we need, depending on the complexity of your programme.

The Training Cycle has four stages:

Stage 1: Identify needs
Stage 2: Training design
Stage 3: Training delivery
Stage 4: Evaluation

Step 1: Identify the learning needs

Also known as Training Needs Analysis (TNA), this involves assessing all the training you require. You decide who needs training and what type of course is most appropriate. Then, depending on the detail, the TNA can simply be a short meeting or a longer, more formal study, as in the case of the SDT project.

Step 2: Design the training

We consider how best to achieve your learning objectives, as well as any limits, such as time or material. We consider which methods will meet your learners’ needs and make their training rewarding. We know people learn in different ways, but generally training works best when it’s applicable to their job. So we always use relevant case studies and exercises.

Step 3: Deliver the training

We may suggest a pilot course. This gives us early feedback from potential trainees and contract mangers, which we can then use to adjust the course before it goes live. If a pilot course isn’t necessary, we simply begin the training as designed.

Step 4: Evaluate the training

Obviously, it’s important you know the training is working. So we evaluate it by asking learners to complete a feedback form. They can tell us what was useful, and what they thought of the facilities and the trainer.

We also use the Kirkpatrick four-level feedback model:

  • Level 1: Reaction
    How favourable, engaging and relevant to their jobs was the training?
  • Level 2: Learning
    How much of the intended knowledge, skills, attitude, confidence and commitment did they get from the training?
  • Level 3: Behaviour
    How much of what they learned during training did they apply when back on the job?
  • Level 4: Results
    How well did the training and support achieve the required goals?

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