Flight Safety Officer Course (5 days)

The aim of the course is to make delegates aware of their responsibilities as a Flight Safety Officer within their organisation. It will enable them to support and advise unit and squadron commanders on current flight safety trends and issues. It will also enable them to monitor and improve flight safety within their organisation.

  • Air Safety Culture and Flight Safety Awareness
  • Authorisation, Supervision and Duty of Care Responsibilities
  • Error Management, Risk Management and Registers
  • Occurrence Reporting and Investigation
  • Human Factors


  • Comprehend what is meant by informed, reporting, learning and just culture
  • Be able to maintain and raise unit flight safety standards
  • Understand the difference between authorisation, supervision and duty of care responsibilities
  • Discuss human error and human biases theories
  • Understand how to monitor and use occurrence reporting to improve safety.
  • Understand investigation processes
  • Be able to identify, monitor and manage Flight Safety risk
  • Understand the importance of Human factors in aviation

What you learn

  • What is meant bay a Safety Management System.
  • Better understanding of different safety cultures and the importance of maintaining or creating a a Just Culture.
  • The role of others within flight safety. 
  • How to improve flight safety within your unit.
  • Increased knowledge of how to identify, mitigate and manage risk.
  • How to undertake a simple safety investigation.
  • How to deliver and monitor a unit level Human Factors programme.

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