Investigators Human Performance Training Course (3 days)

This course is designed for previously trained and experienced investigators, who are technically proficient in the investigation process. It builds on the 2 day NTS Awareness Course

  • The importance of reporting occurrences
  • Understanding the difference between positive and negative outcomes
  • The investigation process
  • Understanding conflicts of interest
  • Evidence collection and interview techniques
  • Report writing and making recommendations


  • Be able to investigate objectively the Human Performance aspects of an incident.
  • To produce a report with meaningful recommendations to improve Human Performance.
  • Improve rail safety by reducing the occurrence of unsafe behaviours.

What you learn

  • How to identify and outline evidence that supports the presence of any contributing factors, and their relevance to the incident.
  • How to identify probable or possible causes, or qualify underlying factors.
  • Sense making of the circumstances prior to the incident.
  • The identifying and labelling of -contributory, aggravating and other factors.
  • How to make broader observations.
  • Develop questioning and listening skills.
  • Recommendation construction.
  • Recommendation audit trail.
  • The effect of bias on investigations.

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