Military Aviation Human Factors Course (2 days)

The aim of this introductory HF course is to develop delegates ability to operate in a safer and more effective manner. The course uses theories, facilitated discussions and case studies to raise awareness of human beings limitations which can cause error prone behaviours. The HF course then provides techniques to handle and mitigate these short comings, particularly how reduce the risk of error and how to better manage error.

The course is designed to be delivered for a maximum course size of 10 delegates. It covers the following topics:

  • Human Factors and Performance limitations, Situational Awareness, Planning and Decision Making.
  • Communications, Teamwork and Emotional Climate.
  • Stress, Managing Stress, Fatigue, Operational, Organisational Pressures and Morale.

The course is an experiential training course designed to inductively draw out learning from the delegates. Additionally, the classroom based lessons contain practical exercises which enables significant delegate involvement.


  • Improved understanding of HF and their importance to safety
  • To develop skills, techniques and procedures that will improve delegates ability to operate safely
  • Gain a better understanding of Just and Fair safety culture

What you learn

  • Improved self-management and relationship management
  • Better understanding of the importance of teamwork
  • Techniques for better concentration and short-term memory
  • How to develop and maintain situational awareness
  • Increased knowledge of ‘where’ and ‘when’ to use verbalisation techniques to anticipate risk and avoid incidents
  • How to handle fatigue and improve sleep
  • Using healthy living techniques to improve safety
  • How to remain calm under pressure, and deal with anger and frustration

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