EMT – Human Performance Evaluation at Nottingham Station


Nottingham station witnessed an increase in safety of the line incidents from dispatch staff. PPWD were requested to undertake a project to analyse and develop dispatch staff at Nottingham station.  It was understood that subsequent recommendations may have applicability elsewhere within EMT.  A major project specification was the development of a Non-Technical Skills (NTS) competency framework and a governance document to compliment the established dispatch competency management system.


The project consisted of four-stages; Preparation, Data Gathering, Analysis and Implementation. Each project stage had key actions aimed at developing understanding and making recommendations for improvements.  As a part of the project, additional recommendations were made to the Nottingham Station environs and wider to other EMT departments and third parties.

The PPWD consultant was required to not only engage with station staff, but to ensure that they had significant involvement in generating solutions.  Oversight from senior management through to the MD was established through routine emails, briefings and presentations, both at individual and operational forum levels.  Training and standards personnel were appraised on the project, and the accurate, brief and clear communications ensured project support and the release of resources. 

The final stages witnessed reviews of the process, practices and documentation, followed by the embedding of the new documents within EMT policy, the CMS and mentoring training packages.


Nottingham station was recovering from a major fire and also had to cope with major changes to the timetable - the combination of these would make it more likely that despatch incidents would increase.  The project directly contributed to a 60% drop in despatch incidents.  These results are more remarkable when considered against the significant operational challenge of recovering from a major fire in the station during the period of the project.

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