To help get everyone home safe, every day, PPWD want to ensure as many people have access to great resources that enable them to develop a Compassionate Safety approach.

We have brought together a number of resources, including learning and reflections from our own CPD, to help guide you.

Case Studies

We know we deliver excellent results, yet it is always great to be able to share what we have helped our partners achieve. These include:

  • The implementation of a Fair Culture Charter.

  • A reduction in adverse events (commonly called 'errors') between 50% and 64%.

  • A 60% reduction in despatch incidents at one rail station.

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We say we are great, yet let's take a look at what others say about partnering PPWD.

Podcasts & Videos

Keep up to date with our latest podcasts and YouTube videos for opportunities to engage with PPWD, and learn more about our Compassionate Safety approach.

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We support our partners to develop safety capacity and safety leadership through our Compassionate safety approach, yet we know we can't simply talk the talk - we need to walk the walk. Here we take you through some of our CPD, and how we approach practicing Compassionate Safety.

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Case study


Human Performance for Investigators

Brief: Design and develop a Human Performance for Investigators module, that will enhance the skills et of technically competent investigators.

Solution: It was important that the course focused on shifting investigations from being 'Person' centric to one which encompassed the 'System'.

Result: Recommendations which reach deep into the organisation are now starting to have an effect throughout Southeastern.

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