In 2011 Paul Davison co founded PPWD.  We wanted to create a business that reflected our values.  Consequently we have built a business with an absolute focus on our clients needs, a business that takes a long term view and a business that values long term partnerships rather than short term profit.  We believed that if we value the relationship between us and our clients and us and our associates then success would follow. These beliefs still underpin everything we do today.

Paul Davison

Paul Davison

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I served for 17 years in the Royal Air Force as a Puma helicopter Pilot and as an instructor and manager at the Initial Officer Training College. Operational tours in Kosovo, Northern Ireland and Iraq exposed me to arduous environments much of the time under e…

Recent case studies

Saudi Development and Training Company

Saudi Development and Training Company - RSAF Leadership Programme

Brief: Design and develop a 6 week leadership module, then help select and train the SDT instructors to deliver the course

Solution: Design of a course of 180 hours of lessons and practical exercises with a short trial

Result: It has made a significant impact on the ability of Saudi officers to lead and manage their airmen

EuroStar - Trains In Service Investigation

EuroStar - Trains In Service Investigation

Brief: PPWD were asked to undertake an Investigative Learning Review to establish the 'Whats, Whys and Hows' of the incidents, to understand why it made sense for those involved to do what they did.

Solution: PPWD decided to take  a 'Systems Approach' and employ the tools and techniques that we currently use during post-incident investigations and learning reviews.  this enabled us to establish as far as was practicable the technical and human performance factors which contributed and indeed, came together to create the occurrences.

Result: PPWD identified a wide range of contributing themes and made short, medium and long term recommendations to mitigate against these themes.

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