In 2011 Paul Davison co-founded PPWD. We wanted to create a business that reflected our values. Consequently we have built a business with an absolute focus on our clients needs, a business that takes a long term view and a business that values long term partnerships rather than short term profit.  We believed that if we value the relationship between us and our clients and us and our associates then success would follow. These beliefs still underpin everything we do today.

Our Purpose is what we are aiming for.

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A world where there is zero harm to people at work.

Day in, day out, we strive towards a world which considers both physical and psychological harm as equals, knowing they impact on each other. 

We know the journey that is ahead of us when we choose such a purpose, yet why aim low? Our purpose inspires us every day to do that little bit more, to make the effort to be part of a larger community of safety-critical wellbeing.

Our Vision is why we do this.

Getting everyone home safe every day.

We spend so much of our lives at work, so it is essential that we strive for a world where we return from home in better shape than we went. This is why we:

  • Are the UK Ambassadors for the One Percent Safer Foundation.
  • Partner Rail Safe Friendly to get rail safety into school.
  • Are members of the Mindful Business Charter, working with them ISMA (UK) and International SOS in the Workplace Wellbeing Workgroup.
2 Everyone Gets Home Safe Every Day

Our Mission is how we do this.

6 Safety Is Not A Thing In Itself

We grow well beings, create safety by people, not by numbers, and generate fair cultures, one authentic and meaningful conversation at a time.

Everything we do is connected by authentic conversations. From the Boardroom to the Classroom, from the frontline to the back office, unless we talk openly and honestly we cannot create safety capacity. PPWD believe that:

  • Everyone has a safety-critical role in safety-critical industries.
  • Safety is never about numbers.
  • People, as problems solvers co-create safety cultures.

And Compassionate Safety in one image?

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The PPWD values


People naturally solve problems.

People require environments where they can thrive and flourish. Being people-centric means creating environments that bridge the gap between what is prescribed and what is done.



Practice, and we act deliberately.

Practice brings a focus on goals and invigorates growth mindsets to stretch. The action incorporates constructive feedback and becomes the foundation of successful long-term learning cultures.



Wonder, and we desire to know something.

something. Wonder is a curiosity, an inquisitiveness to understand. Our methods engage and activate wonder which leads to and feeds learning.



Develop, and we naturally evolve within learning environments.

Development encourages and supports the growth of systems, teams and individuals. Through development, resilience, capacity and adaptability are co-created.


A team of passionate experts

Our history

In many respects PPWD started by accident.

In 2011, on leaving the Royal Air Force, an opportunity presented itself to design and deliver a leadership course for a Middle Eastern client. Paul Davison and Paul White became PPWD.

The motivation and driving force throughout our first leadership project and subsequent entry into rail and freight, were, ‘how could we make a difference, how can we make it better for all concerned?

The impact of our courses gained the attention of ever-increasing management levels, until we were able to also undertake boardroom, and heads of department workshops. Simultaneously, our industry portfolio has expanded into manufacturing, energy, and infrastructure.

Throughout PPWD’s existence there has been a curiosity, a thread of wonder. An inquisitiveness to both know more, and to know in greater depth, a richness of being. Why do we do what we do? Why do those things sometimes lead to sub-optimal outcomes, adverse events and deviations from expected outcomes? Why and how did they make sense at the time?

This drives us to getting everyone home safe, every day.

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