PPWD Health and Safety Policy Overview

PPWD Consulting Ltd design and deliver a variety of training to UK and overseas clients. Including part-time workers and associates PPWD employs up to 21 staff and/or self employed contractors.

The founder and director of the company is Paul Davison and he believes in creating a working environment that makes working with or for us aspirational. It is important that our workforce know that PPWD is committed to providing them interesting and stimulating work. Equally they should be confident that PPWD will provide them with the appropriate training and resources to enable them to correctly support a client . A crucial part of this support is ensuring that can work in a safe environment.

PPWD are a distributed company working in the knowledge industry, consequently they do not currently require or envisage a future need to invest resources in securing a permanent traditional office building. Health and Safety for PPWD generally falls into the home working environment and/or the training delivery venue. The other strategic H&S factor for PPWD to consider is the location of the client, who can often be located overseas, therefore it is incumbent upon PPWD to ensure that individual country risk assessments are carried out.

On request PPWD can provide a copy of its detailed H&S policy. This is supported by a specific risk register for each project.