Our highly-qualified coaches understand safety-critical industries and have the ability to relate to individuals and help them help themselves.

Any programme of learning, development and training becomes more powerful when workshops and Board-level support are integrated with individual and team coaching. Coaching provides a continuing compassionate challenge as an organisation progresses towards a Fair Culture.

Whether it is individual or team, worker or senior manger we have a coach that can support you.

We don't just offer clients advice, we help implement it too. Click here to take a look at our Products, which all rely on coaching.

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PPWD recently worked with a Train Operating Company, developing a team coaching programme, based on a period of observing the team in their workplace.

This approach provided excellent data on which to build a compassionate approach to safety that led to real increases in performance and psychological safety.

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Case study

Govia Thameslink Railway

Operator Post Incident Coaching

Brief: Govia Thamelink Railway approached PPWD to explore how we could facilitate a quicker pathway to enable a train driver to return to work post incident.

Solution: A flexible and confidential coaching programme that enables individuals to understand what they need to work on or change to enable a swifter return to work.

Result: The Coaching programme has returning Operator’s to work more quickly and greatly improved their contributing to the organisation’s safety culture.