PPWD will partner you from the Boardroom to the Frontline. We will support you in your fair culture evolution.  Cultures that are founded in learning, and that accommodate and develop Compassionate Safety for all employees.

Sticky Learning 

PPWD uses a Sticky Learning facilitative methodology that includes coaching and appreciative inquiry.

PPWD facilitators use metaphors to bridge origin narratives of case studies and models with the key learning points and action plans to make the abstract tangible and the tangible practical all of which is seamlessly linked to the delegate’s worlds.

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Providing all employees with the safety-critical capabilities to lead others as an essential part of generating safety capacity.

PPWD's coaching provides a continuing compassionate challenge as an organisation progresses towards a Fair Culture.



PPWD supports teams and organisations to move cultures from competition, comparison and contest towards cooperation, collaboration, compromise and cohesion.

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PPWD's approach to Leadership is to consider the people and the systems in which they operate. Leadership is not about title, function or role.

Just as everyone in a safety-critical industry has a safety-critical role, so everyone in a safety-critical industry has the capacity to be a safety leader.

PPWD specialises in applying to safety critical industries their wealth of tactical, operational and strategic level leadership experience, combined with the very best leadership practice.  Compassionate Safety is a function of leadership. 

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Case study

Lockheed Martin

Consultancy for Qatari Air Force Training Contract

Brief: PPWD were retained by Lockheed Martin to develop an initial officer training course for the Qatari Air Force, this was a subset of much larger equipment and training programme.

Solution: PPWD initially built trust with the myriad of stakeholders. We took time to understand the client needs and remained highly responsive to evolving or new requirements, ensuring that what ever we proposed had the complete by in from Lockheed Martin and the Qatari Air Force.

Result: PPWD successfully completed the work and exited the programme when Lockheed Martin secured a letter of intent.