PPWD Quality Assurance Policy Statement

PPWD Consulting’s clients work in a wide variety of businesses and they employ a diverse range of individuals with differing training and development requirements and learning styles. Our clients have the reasonable expectation that they will be provided with high quality training which is tailored to their specific needs and that PPWD will manage the training in a consistent manner.

PPWD has developed a Quality Manual to ensure a client centric approach is at the centre of all PPWD do. This manual is compliant with ISO 9001:2000 and the UK Defence Systems Approach to Training Quality Standard (DSAT QS). PPWD will operate using this Quality Manual and any client proscribed overarching quality policies with the aim of ensuring that all training is completed correctly, first time, every time and within planned cost and time-scales.

Authority for the administration and monitoring quality within PPWD in accordance with the Quality Manual (QM) has been assigned to the PPWD Quality Manager.

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