PPWD's Compassionate Safety Approach to NTS incorporates the RSSB's  7 NTS Categories and 26 NTS Skills as laid down in the RSSB’s recommended NTS syllabus (T869), and adds an 8th category, Reflection, which closes the Experiential 'Kolb' Learning Cycle.

Non-Technical Skills (NTS) for Frontline Staff

Building safety capacity with frontline staff is a serious business. Our workshops provide a comprehensive set of tools, tips and techniques that complement technical skills and tasks.

The PPWD NTS programmes cover personal, cognitive and social categories, generating understanding in the following areas:

  • How we interact with the world around us.

  • How we deal with pressure and stress.

  • How we manage and invest in our sleep.

  • How we manage relationships with colleagues.

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NTS for Front Line Staff

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NTS for Assessors, Supervisors & Managers 

Providing assessors, supervisors and managers with the safety-critical capabilities to lead others is an essential part of generating safety capacity. You will learn:

  • How to coach team members to maximise NTS learning.

  • How to develop safety capacity within and around a team.

  • How to coach for increased performance and compassion.


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NTS for Front Line Staff

Our team of professionals have helped safety critical organisations deal with a wide array of NTS and cultural challenges. These range from ensuring compliance, to implementing effective systems for managing safety and reducing risk.

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PPWD recently worked with a Train Operating Company to deliver a number of fully integrated Fair Culture change programmes. These programmes resulted in more than a 50% reduction in operational incidents over a 5-year period.

The release and training costs were offset by the savings generated by incident reductions. ROI in Year 1 of 1.4 and then in Year 2 of 4.7 have been generated based on a reduction in incident costs and fines.

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Case study

Greater Anglia

Non Technical Skills

Brief: Provide of Human Performance training in order to raise driver and conductor awareness to the responsibilities within their safety critical role.

Solution: Designing of a 5-year NTS Implementation Strategy.

Result: The success of the Strategy after 3-years, resulted in a reduction in operational incidents by 50% and an increase in the engagement from front-line staff.

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