PPWD’s Compassionate Safety approach generates environments that accommodate humans for being human. Our approach aligns personal and organisational mindsets, beliefs and values. In doing so, workplaces are created where people thrive and flourish.

Through the development of self-awareness and awareness of others, the physical, psychological and emotional factors become equal safety priorities and result in colleagues who possess a clarity of vision, are calm, understanding, and agile in action.

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Why Compassionate Safety?

PPWD create environments that accommodate humans for being human.

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PPWD does what it does:
  • To get everyone home safe every day.

  • Because it cares for humans and respects the need for work-life integration. 

  • Because it wants everyone to get to their pension point adverse event free and also in good health to enjoy the maximum benefit from life in retirement.  

  • Because each of us have first-hand experience of when it goes wrong.

How does PPWD enable Compassionate Safety?

All PPWD interventions are proactive, practical and pragmatic.

The Compassionate Safety approach and methods transcend traditional safety by encompassing physical safety with psychological and emotional safety, this approach enables PPWD to:

  • Bring together individual and organisation safety motivations, values, beliefs and mindsets.  

  • Shift safety cultures from ‘doing’ safety to ‘being’ safe. 

  • Provide a management tool for safety leaders to both control hazards, and more accurately quantify risks and care for colleagues. 

The Compassionate Safety approach provides a holistic management of harm.
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What does PPWD do?

We deliver results alongside our partners.

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Our approach includes:

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Our Partners' results include:

  • Learning interventions & workshops from the Boardroom to the Classroom.

  • Sticky Learning facilitation by our expert facilitators.

  • Non Technical Skills, Human Factors, Human Performance, Learning reviews, Culture, Leadership, & Coaching. 

  • Communication workshops focused on NTS that support safety critical communications.

  • Pre-trauma workshops focused on the NTS and preventative measures required to develop trauma resilience, management and recovery.

  • Reductions in adverse event occurrence of 50-64% for our closest partners.

  • Net Promoter Score of 93+ achieved by our expert facilitators using Sticky Learning.

  • Reduced staff turnover, disciplinaries and absenteeism.

  • Increased dialogue between frontline and management, focused on co-creating safety.

  • Increased reporting and identification of slim safety margins before the adverse event occurs. 


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Learning Review


We establish sticky and meaningful learning to increase safety at work. Success is based on partnering, and open collaboration where learning is done with people, harnessing their experience to solve problems.

This is carried out through the creation of open, kind, inclusive, and cognitively diverse environments, which generate impactful interactions that remain long after the workshop.

PPWD are thought leaders in Compassionate Safety and our innovative approach to it will:

  • bring out the best in your people

  • develop their skills and talents

  • reframe their approach to safety

  • build resilience in to your Safety Capacity.

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