Sticky Learning is what helps make PPWD unique. Our facilitators are experts in experiential learning, helping organisations, from the Boardroom to the Classroom, develop long-term approaches to learning that last long after the workshop has finished. 

PPWD's team of professional facilitators are our greatest asset. Day in, day out they have helped safety-critical organisations deal with challenges and opportunities.

Sticky Learning is so powerful because it places the facilitator alongside every individual, helping them generate learning that is practical and lasts long after the workshop has ended.

We don't just offer clients advice, we help implement it too. Click here to take a look at our Products, which all rely on Sticky Learning

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For example PPWD recently worked with a Train Operating Company to deliver a number of fully integrated Fair Culture change programmes. These programmes resulted in halving operational incidents over a 5-year period.

The release and training costs were offset by the savings generated by incident reductions. ROIs in year 1 of 1.4 and in year 2 of 4.7 have been generated based on a reduction in incident costs and fines.

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Case study

Greater Anglia

Train The Trainer

Brief: Transition of Human Performance from PPWD, as external consultants, to the internal training staff of Greater Anglia. Ensure the full integration of NTS and supporting HP training within the full range of training courses

Solution: Design and delivery of a fully accredited, blended learning approach to an Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM) Level 5 course in Coaching and Mentoring

Result: The delegates have found it has enabled them to improve the performance of others.

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