PPWD provides organisational safety and cultural development programmes and advice to a wide-array of organisations on a global basis. Our expertise in safety cultural, change management and program implementation is well known.

An organisation's culture exists within each of us, and in the spaces in between us. It is generated and sustained by our actions, our words and our ideas. PPWD take a systems approach to culture and help organisations review, consider and adapt how they operate to best shape cultural change and sustainability.

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PPWD continues to work with a Train Operating Company to deliver a number of fully integrated Fair Culture change programmes. These programmes resulted in more than a 50% reduction in operational incidents over a 5-year period.

The release and training costs were offset by the savings generated by incident reductions. ROIs in year 1 of 1.4 and in year 2 of 4.7 have been generated based on a reduction in incident costs and fines.

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Case study


Human Performance Evaluation at Nottingham Station

Brief: Following an increase in safety incidents at Nottingham station, PPWD were requested to undertake a project to analyse and develop dispatch at Nottingham station.

Solution: A four stage project plan was developed with each stage had key actions aimed at developing understanding and making recommendations. Critical to the solution was engagement with station staff and involvement with senior management.

Result: The project directly contributed to a 60% drop in despatch incidents.