Govia Thameslink Railway - Operator Post Incident Coaching


Govia Thamelink Railway approached PPWD to explore how we could facilitate a quicker pathway to enable a train driver to return to work post incident.  Train drivers are expensive to train and employ, consequently it is important that a driver is employed in their primary task of driving trains.  Govia had a number of drivers who despite internal support were struggling to return to work.


Following a mini-Training Needs Analysis to scope the common issues and resolution required; PPWD designed an Operator 1-1 NTS Coaching Programme.  The programme included pre-coaching liaison with an individuals line manger and up to 3 coaching sessions. The coaching sessions are focused on the individual operator and helps the individuals understand what they need to do to return to work.  Confidentiality is a key enabler to the success of the Coaching Programme and the operator has control over what is released to the management. Therefore, as a minimum the report will contain feedback on: Goal Setting, Learning Styles Questionnaire, Human Behaviour Model, Systems Thinking, Individual Factors, Process Goals, Error Mitigation Techniques and a summary of the Development Plan. The report will also make a recommendation as the need for further coaching sessions.


This grounded holistic approach results in a 1-to-1 Operator Coaching Programme that is focused on individual needs and has proven to be valid, reliable and credible, returning Operator’s to work more quickly and greatly contributing to the organisation’s safety culture, which in turn exceeds the requirements of both the RSSB and GTR in a highly cost-effective manner. 

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