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Client Brief

As a part of a 5-year Non-Technical Skill (NTS) Implementation Strategy, the requirement had been identified for the transition of Human Performance (HP) from PPWD, as the external consultant, to the internal training staff of Greater Anglia (GA). The result of which was to ensure the full integration of NTS and supporting HP training within the full range of training courses for Drivers, Trainee Drivers and Driver Instructors. Additionally, it was aimed at providing the skills required to deliver impactful 6-monthly Safety Training Update Days (STUD), and to provide a ‘spoke and hub’ support function from the GA Training academy to the DIs and DMs at depots.

What We Did

This requirement resulted in 2016 of the designing and delivery of a fully accredited, blended learning approach to an Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM) Level 5 course in Coaching and Mentoring for a group of Driver Trainer and Simulator Managers (DTSM). 

The Course was focused at delivering the skills required for DTSMs to seamlessly coach a wide range of HP concepts and skills for those they train within classroom, simulator and cab environments. 

Through early 2017 there were 5 Phases to the Course which blended specific coaching skills and understanding with Dynamic Learning, Active Reviewing and Action Learning with a safety critical focus of NTS for the driver role.  

Additionally, the coaching opportunities presented by DI training courses were used to enable PPWD coaches to train, coach, supervise and mentor DTSMs within real world training challenges.


Initial feedback from DTSMs and Drivers has been hugely positive. The delegates have found the focus on Coaching and Mentoring extremely useful to their primary employment and it has enabled them to improve the performance of others. They believe that is the training feels less formal, yet engagement is higher and the quality and depth of feedback both oral and written far more effective. In time the impact on STUDs and depot liaison will be measured.

"Great instructor – friendly, approachable (built up good rapport) and very knowledgeable."

Delegate comment

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