If our training develops teams and individuals, then our coaching and support services improve organisational performance.  Our coaches and support teams have the experience and skills to help you become an Agile Organisation which builds capacity by creating, supporting and maintaining safety. 

  Coaching can be as simple as informal conversations delivered as part of a training package - we consider this as part of our service.  Alternatively they can be defined tasks or longer more complex problem solving, which draw upon our extensive expertise and experience. PPWD coaches have supported clients at all levels of leadership up to and including Board level.

We’ve also developed a wide range of support programmes, currently these focus on 1-1 Coaching and Human Performance Investigations.

We can also create a bespoke support programme specifically for you. We’ll sit down with you to listen to help us understand exactly what you need, then work with you to devise a way forward that’s effective, engaging and enjoyable - working with us should never be anything else!

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Advisory Services

PPWD provides organisational safety and leadership solutions advice to a wide-array of organisations on a global basis. Our expertise in safety leadership, cultural change and program implementation is well known.  

Our team of professionals have helped safety critical organisations deal with a wide array of problems. These range from ensuring compliance, to implementing effective systems for managing safety and reducing risk. We don't just offer clients advice we help them implement it.

For example PPWD recently worked with a Train Operating Company to deliver a number of fully integrated Fair Culture change programmes.  These programmes resulted in halving operational incidents over a 5-year period. The release and training costs were offset by the savings generated by incident reductions. ROIs up to 400% have been generated based on a reduction in incident costs and fines. 

Case Study:  Lockheed Martin »


We have a number of excellent highly qualified coaches who have the ability to relate to individuals and help them help themselves.  We can offer a range of coaching interventions, such as supporting staff return to work post incident, to helping Control Room Teams work in a more efficient and safer manner.  Whether it is individual or team, worker or senior manger we have a coach that can support you.

Case Study: GTR: - Operator 1:1 Coaching


Our investigations can be either pre-incident or post-incident.  The aim of a post-incident investigation is to understand why the incident occurred, whereas a pre-incident investigation focuses on identifying what could potentially cause an incident.  In both cases the aim is on learning and making recommendations that reduce the risk of an incident occurring or reocurring.  

We have already successfully worked with a number of clients to change how they undertake and make sense of investigations. The Human Performance element of any investigation is the most difficult to understand, but it is often the most important dimension to comprehend. If an organisation wishes to move from a blame to learning culture, then it must be able to make sense of the Human Performance elements of an incident.

Case Study: Eurostar - Trains In Service Investigation


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