17 May 2023

New Recruit Reunites Old Leadership Team

Tim Artus

At the start of May, PPWD welcomed Tim Artus to the fold as Chief Operating Officer, reuniting a successful Leadership Team from the past. Both Paul Davison, PPWD Chief Executive Officer, and Tim Artus were officers at the RAF College Cranwell, who served together in a number of departments, before their paths diverged: Paul leaving to establish PPWD, whilst Tim initially left to become Daddy Daycare for 1 then 2 kids (Anna-Lena and Sebastian), whilst following his wife, Ingrid, who was still serving in the RAF, to Cyprus and Germany. He returned to paid work a few years later and has held roles across all sectors, predominantly in leadership development, as well as voluntary work as an External Trustee of the Highlands & Islands Student Association Board.


Tim joins at a time that enables him to support Paul’s ambitious plans for increasing influence within the safety leadership, culture and capacity space, whilst taking on the internal management of PPWD.

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