Mark Phillips

Mark Phillips

(Facilitator )

Hello Friend,
I'd like to get to know you better, so I need to be open and share a little about me, first.

My past seems to be full of a lot of things I used to do, but that's common, at my time of life :-).

I spent more than 22 years in the British Army, on the surface I was in the Royal Tank Regiment, so drove, gunned and commanded many types of armoured vehicles, but like most service personnel there was way more going on than just my job title or rank.

I spent time away from operational deployments on training postings, in my younger days I loved what the military termed adventure training, for me that was mostly white-water kayaking & canoeing, but walking, climbing, abseiling and windsurfing were in there too.

I was an award-winning trainer, the award was for making training more interactive (so, more memorable) using what at the time was a home games console (Amiga 1200) rather than the by rote book learning system used at the time in the military training centres.

This was my first time of going beyond what the job wanted, it wasn’t easy in many ways, I was personally criticised, I was made to feel I was doing something wrong; my idea was less than the way we always do things around here.

One manager took time to look, listen and test my ideas, they ended up championing me and putting me forward for the award.

I learnt helping an organisation to do better, isn’t easy, they often won't start off thanking you.

I delivered NBC then CBRN training (which is very basically living and working in a gas mask and supporting PPE) to front line soldiers, somehow being shot at in war is OK, but most people were genuinely freighted of CBRN weapons. I learnt the power of fear of the unknown, has on people.

I took a knowledge of one subject and applied it to another and helped develop another way at looking at a battlefield regarding CBRN, I learnt a change of perspective is often useful, to see things in a new light, perhaps to join previously unseen dots.

Tours teaching UN and NATO troops, reminds me everyday that what is obvious to me, isn't seen or understood in the same way by others.

I went to Sandhurst to train leaders of the future. How do you get people to follow you, in such a safety critical environment? I learnt true Trust is hard to earn and is easily lost, if we are careless in some way, we need to build trust daily and constantly guard against losing it.

Sounds like a lot of training, but no more than many other service people, each and every class taught me more about people and life, than the technical subject I was teaching them.

Then I joined the police and did lots of fun stuff, I can’t talk about here, please ask in person, or contact me below.

My training philosophy has developed with me over time, I consider myself supportive, facilitating students to personalise and internalise the material. I adapt my style to meet each attendees needs, helping each get the best out of themselves.

It is a proven fact, adults respond best to experiential learning i.e., by “Doing” rather than listening to or watching me, to this end we explore and discover together.

I'll share my wins and mistakes, because we are the product of all our experiences to this moment in time. It is the emotional reactions to experiences that stay with us, shaping who we are today and how we deal with the world around us tomorrow.

My students develop themselves from the ability to reflect on past experiences, rising their own awareness of the areas requiring self-development. We discover you don’t even need your own experiences to develop, we develop together learning from each other. Our raised awareness allows us all to be better tomorrow.

By taking ownership of their learning attendees take responsibility for their own development, the subject material has real world meaning to them, for most this becomes an emotional feeling of doing the right thing for the right reasons.

Being just 1% Better Everyday, makes us Safer Everyday, so Everyone Goes Home Safe, Everyday.

In my personal life, I try to Walk the Talk, most days I get better, working on areas of my life that need improving, to ensure I get home in the same or better condition than I started the day, but just like everyone else there are bad days. Life is a journey not a destination, enjoy the journey.

To relax(?) I am a competitive sports shooter competing at a national level. I also run a shooting club, where I coach many shooters up to national level. My training philosophy runs through this past time, too.

At home, Jacqui my wife of more than 35 years and I, try to live a simple and quiet country life so we can be present in the moment with our 4 wonderful grandchildren, our daughter and her husband have given us.

I really enjoy meeting new people, who often don't realise what wonderful, rich lives they have lived, what can I learn from you, I wonder?

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