Tim Artus BSc

Tim enjoyed a 17-year career with the Royal Air Force, including operational tours in Northern Ireland, Iraq and Afghanistan – all of which provided demanding environments that brought their own challenges and opportunities to learn. For the majority of his time, Tim was an Intelligence Officer, working with a combination of national and international organisations; both military and civilian. Throughout his career, he has experienced many varieties of leaders and ‘leadership’ – including reflection on his own experiences and performance – and believes that there is no one style or type that is right for all occasions. His last three years were spent at the Royal Air Force College, focusing on leadership development, coaching and mentoring, where he specialised in the successful training and development of under-achieving individuals.

Tim has combined a broad range of practical coaching and mentoring experience with academic rigour. He has successfully designed and delivered outstanding training across the 3 Sectors, working with the military, BAES, and the Prince’s Trust; and, has developed his academic capabilities through post-graduate studies in leadership and psychology, as well as vocational qualifications with the CMI.

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