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We have extensive training experience in safety critical industries such as rail, bus, health, Offshore wind and aviation. We know every business is unique, so it makes sense to have training focused on your exact needs.  

Which is why we provide training opportunities focused on human and organisational performance. 

We’ve developed a wide range of individual and team training programmes, ready to tailor to your objectives. Alternatively we can create a bespoke programme specifically for you. We’ll sit down with you to understand exactly what you need, then work with you to devise training that’s effective, engaging and enjoyable.  Our courses help identify, then reduce or eliminate, the safety concerns in your organisation. This raises awareness of your employees’ safety responsibilities, and reduces incident rates.  

For team leaders and managers, we offer a number of Safety Leadership modules.  These will develop their leadership and managerial skills, while linking this development to improving safety culture and managing risk. Thus enabling them to actively contribute to organisational safety, enabling them to better support their team members.  

For frontline staff our training raises awareness of potentially unsafe behaviour.  The training seamlessly links theory to practice and makes extensive use of case studies and facilitated discussion.  We help your people understand how they can contribute to delivering a safer service by providing individuals with tools and techniques to reduce the risk of an unsafe act. 

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Core Training Courses

To meet the re-occurring needs of our clients we have developed a number of core training course that enable frontline staff and managers to improve organisational and personal safety.

All of these courses are designed to equip personnel with the knowledge and tools to make your organisation safer. The courses can be delivered 'off the shelf' or adapted to suit your organisations specific needs.

Virtual Training Courses

We have created virtual classroom versions of our Non Technical Skills Awareness and Investigators Human Performance Courses.  At the core of these courses is the virtual classroom, where the training is conducted by a PPWD facilitator. The virtual classroom training can be supported by a mixture of pre-reading, online bitesize learning and virtual breakout rooms.

As part of our initial engagement we will discuss the advantages and disadvantages or using virtual classrooms.  To enable you to make an informed decision we will provide a number of options on how using a virtual classroom could fit in in with your requirement.  We continue to develop our distance learning offer - please contact us if you have a specific requirement.

Bespoke Training

To develop Agile Operators or Teams, individuals must be responsive, adaptable and have trust in their leaders.  A cornerstone of Safety Differently is the willingness of individuals and teams to own and resolve problems- our training enables individuals and teams to achieve this.  

Forward thinking organisations want training that is not only tailored to their industry but to their organisation. Any business can be technically safe, however, its improving individual or team performance that gives your business safety resilience, which in turn offers a competitive edge.  

Our bespoke training programmes give your people the skills and confidence to thrive in your organisation. 

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