All our clients operate in a variety of safety critical environments, they range in size from small companies to large multinationals. The main sectors we work in include aviation, health, green energy and rail.  Whatever their size, sector or problem they all benefit from our professional support.

Whether you’re looking for help solving:

  • Organisation safety problems,

  • Delivering a change in Safety Culture

  • Developing a Just and Fair Culture

  • Delivery of Human Performance training,  

  • Improve safety leadership and management skills,

  • Develop individuals and teams,

We have an proven track record for high-quality training, consultancy and support.

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Greater Anglia – Train The Trainer

Greater Anglia – Train The Trainer

Brief: Transition of Human Performance from PPWD, as external consultants, to the internal training staff of Greater Anglia. Ensure the full integration of NTS and supporting HP training within the full range of training courses

Solution: Design and delivery of a fully accredited, blended learning approach to an Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM) Level 5 course in Coaching and Mentoring

Result: The delegates have found it has enabled them to improve the performance of others.

Saudi Development and Training Company

Saudi Development and Training Company - RSAF Leadership Programme

Brief: Design and develop a 6 week leadership module, then help select and train the SDT instructors to deliver the course

Solution: Design of a course of 180 hours of lessons and practical exercises with a short trial

Result: It has made a significant impact on the ability of Saudi officers to lead and manage their airmen

BAE Systems - Leadership Training

BAE Systems

Brief: Provide a leadership, team building and team dynamic awareness week, delivered in a challenging environment mixed with adventurous activities

Solution: A bespoke programme combining classroom work with outdoor exercises

Result: Each delegate left with a personal report, linked to their working environments with a route to continued self improvement

Southeastern – Human Performance for Investigators

Southeastern – Human Performance for Investigators

Brief: Design and develop a Human Performance for Investigators module, that will enhance the skills et of technically competent investigators.

Solution: It was important that the course focused on shifting investigations from being 'Person' centric to one which encompassed the 'System'

Result: Recommendations which reach deep into the organisation are now starting to have an effect throughout Southeastern.

Greater Anglia – Non Technical Skills

Greater Anglia – Non Technical Skills

Brief: Provide of Human Performance training in order to raise driver and conductor awareness to the responsibilities within their safety critical role

Solution: Designing of a 5-year NTS Implementation Strategy

Result: The success of the Strategy after 3-years, resulted in a reduction in operational incidents and an increase in the engagement from front-line staff

BAE SDT – Hawk Pilot Support Programme

BAE SDT – Hawk Pilots Development Programme

Brief: PPWD were asked to develop a flexible 8 week training programme for trainee Hawk pilots in the Royal Saudi Air Force

Solution: PPWD designed and delivered a programme consisting of 6 modules. Flexibility was designed into the programme in that the order of delivery and could be quickly adapted to meet client timescales and module content could quickly be decreased or increased to adapt to the training time available.

Result: Delivery commenced in 2019 and feed back on content and delivery style of PPWD facilitators has been exceptionally positive.

LockheedMartin – Training Consultancy Support

LockheedMartin – Consultancy for Qatari Air Force Training Contract

Brief: PPWD were retained by Lockheed Martin to develop an initial officer training course for the Qatari Air Force, this was a subset of much larger equipment and training programme.

Solution: PPWD initially built trust with the myriad of stakeholders. We took time to understand the client needs and remained highly responsive to evolving or new requirements, ensuring that what ever we proposed had the complete by in from Lockheed Martin and the Qatari Air Force.

Result: PPWD successfully completed the work and exited the programme when Lockheed Martin secured a letter of intent.

EMT – Human Performance Evaluation at Nottingham Station

EMT – Human Performance Evaluation at Nottingham Station

Brief: Following an increase in safety incidents at Nottingham station, PPWD were requested to undertake a project to analyse and develop dispatch at Nottingham station

Solution: A four stage project plan was developed with each stage had key actions aimed at developing understanding and making recommendations. Critical to the solution was engagement with station staff and involvement with senior management.

Result: The project directly contributed to a 60% drop in despatch incidents.

EuroStar - Trains In Service Investigation

EuroStar - Trains In Service Investigation

Brief: PPWD were asked to undertake an Investigative Learning Review to establish the 'Whats, Whys and Hows' of the incidents, to understand why it made sense for those involved to do what they did.

Solution: PPWD decided to take  a 'Systems Approach' and employ the tools and techniques that we currently use during post-incident investigations and learning reviews.  this enabled us to establish as far as was practicable the technical and human performance factors which contributed and indeed, came together to create the occurrences.

Result: PPWD identified a wide range of contributing themes and made short, medium and long term recommendations to mitigate against these themes.

Govia Thameslink Railway  – Operator Post Incident Coaching

Govia Thameslink Railway - Operator Post Incident Coaching

Brief: Govia Thamelink Railway approached PPWD to explore how we could facilitate a quicker pathway to enable a train driver to return to work post incident.

Solution: A flexible and confidential coaching programme that enables individuals to understand what they need to work on or change to enable a swifter return to work.

Result: The Coaching programme has returning Operator’s to work more quickly and greatly improved their contributing to the organisation’s safety culture

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